Teaching facilitates learning. Teaching is a profession which lays the foundation for preparing the individuals for all other professions. It is the teacher who plays a vital role in the educational system. various factors influence teachers qualities. Among these the training and education during the teachers education programme which affect the teachers qualities most. A teacher should have favourable attitude towards the teaching profession and have a keen interest in teaching. And teaching attitude refers to how teacher think or feels about the ways in which he intends to act as a teacher.

Swami Vivekananda is our ideal and this institution has also been named of the said saint the ideal of youth of cyber age. At present Vivekananda Primary Teachers ‘Training Institute has been turned into one of the leading training Institute of West Bengal.

In reality all thanks are due to all my faculty members who out of their infinite effort devoted a lot for our students. I am also thankful to my all students who have produced the brilliant result and this is really a immense pleasure for me that our institution has tried its best to fulfill the need of the student-teachers through various ways.

Mr. Braja Gopal Sahoo.