Institute NameVivekananda Primary Teachers’ Training Institute

Institute AddressVillage-Faridpur, P.O.-Dakshin Dauki, P.S.-Junput Coastal, Dsitrict-Purba Medinipur, State-West Bengal, Pin Code-721450


Institute Phone No: 03220-284061

Year Of Establishment2003

Teacher Education Program(s) offered in the Institution:

Sl. No. Programme Number and Year of NCTE recognition Sanctioned Intake
1 D.El.Ed. ERC/7-88.6(1).12/2008/12800 Dt. 30.08.2008 50
2 D.El.Ed. ER-210.6.36/ERCAPP2264/D.El.Ed. (Addl. Intake/2016/45725 Dated-27/04/2016 50
3 B.Ed. ER-210.6.37/ERCAPP2277/B.Ed./2016/45817 Dated.-01.05.2016 50

Details of Affiliation:

Sl. No. Programme Name of the Affiliating Body Number and Year of Affiliation
1 D.El.Ed. West Bengal Board of Primary Education 109/BPE/P/2009 DATE-21/05/2009
2 D.El.Ed. Vidyasagr University VU/R/800/Affi(B.Ed.)/2016 Date.- 25.07.2016

Status of Affiliation: Permanent

Type of Management: Self-Financing Institution

 the institution is managed by – Registered Society

Status of the Institution : Independent Institution offering only Teacher Education Programme (s)

Institute meant for : Co-Educational

* Institute Accessibility :

Whether accessible in all-weather and through Pucca Road : YES

Name of the Nearest Railway Station: Kanthi

Vivekananda loksiksha Niketan, Faridpur, Purba Medinipur is a Govt. Registered NGO established in 1982 under ideology of Swami Vivekananda has been working in several projects of educational, social, economic, health and cultural developments over three decades. Due to popular demand and public aspiration, Vivekananda PTTI has been established by the above NGO since 2003 under the affiliation of West Bengal Board of Primary Education and after wards under recognition of NCTE we. from 2009 and still continuing quality education to the student of D.El.Ed. Now as per new NCTE Regulation 2014, the composite set up has been lounged to educate B.Ed. under affiliation of Vidyasagar University and under recognition of NCTE for academic session 2016-18 as well as.

This institution is situated nearly sea-side with nice scenic beauty and is surrounded with a school complex, comprised schools of primary level, secondary level, schools for VH & MR and also secondary vocational courses. We have also another teachers’ training institute namely special B.Ed and special D.El.Ed directed by the same organization (VLN) and recognized by the R.C.I.

The institution has well-equipped multi-storied building having adequate library facilities, ICT facilities, psychological lab, science lab, gymnasium facilities, two playgrounds, a superb multipurpose hall and dignified suitable manpower to provide quality education to the would – be teachers of next generation. Vivekananda Primary Teachers’ Training Institute has two hostels, one for boys and one for girls, It has also rest rooms for guests.

This institution annual magazine ‘Swambhabana’ provides students – teachers an opportunity to explore their potentialities, talents and creative skills. Institution organizes various competition, seminar, debates, different co-curricular activities and exhibition for all round development of trainees.

ii)   Vision Statement of the Institution:

Teaching facilitates learning. Teaching is a profession which lays the foundation for preparing the individuals for all other professions. It is the teacher who plays a vital role in the educational system. Various factors influence teachers qualities. Among these the training and education during the teachers education program which affect the teachers qualities most. A teacher should have favorable attitude towards the teaching profession and have a keen interest in teaching  and teaching attitude refers to how teacher think of feels about the ways in which he intends to act as a teacher.

Swami Vivekananda is our ideal and this institution has also been named of the said saint the ideal of youth of cyber age. At present Vivekananda Primary Teachers’ Training Institute has been turned into one of the leading training institute of West Bengal–

Intellectual :

The institution organizes  various curricular and co- curricular activities relating to the intellectual development of the learners  . It also has the opportunities of proper exercise of mental efficiency of the faculties.

Training :-

The institution organizes  proper training regarding teaching, classroom management, various teaching skill for improving the quality of teacher education.

Access to disadvantages  :-

The institution has the facility to reduce the course fees of the disadvantaged who are physically handicaps. The institution also provides due support to the disables for their project work, team activities, community services etc.

Equity  :-

Irrespective of caste, religion, sex, socio-economic status the institution provides equal status to all students, teaching and non-teaching  staff. All  the legal activities and actions taken up by the institutions are same to all.

Self development  :-

The teaching learning activities in the institution is chiefly student centered. The institution provides ample opportunity to each and every learner for their creative self expression through preparation of teaching aids, participating in different co-curricular activities and managing different programs in the institution.

Value orientation:-

Dissemination of value education among student-teachers and teacher-educators is one of the major goal of this institution. The institution regularly conducts prayer classes discussing moral topics, celebrating Saraswati  Puja, Teachers’ Day, Saradiya Utsav, Raksha Bandhan, Independence Day etc.

  • To impart quality education to the learners.
  • To encourage innovative activities relating to teacher training program.
  • To give proper training regarding techniques of teaching and classroom management.
  • To provide ample opportunity to every learner for their creative self-expression.
  • To organize community work, celebrating national red letter days, other festivals and birth day of national heroes to bring community development.
  • To conduct gardening, plantation, beautification of surrounding for ecological and environmental protection.
  • To bring overall nourishment of the student-teachers to make a favorable attitude towards teaching profession and also to make significant progress for quality to primary education in our society.
  • To develop Skill and Attitude of the student-teachers in such a way by which they can face the challenges for development of society and education.

iv. Significant Achievements and Contributions in the field of Education, such as Awards/Recognition, eminent Alumni etc.

Significant Achievements (if any):

 The institution encourages students to participate in extra curricular Blood donation camp, social survey, locality survey cultural activities,sports and games.The institute provides reward, prize providing marks etc.  

Contributions in the field of Education(if any):

We are to say that we have been able to extend our services in the field of education specially to create opportunity to the poor but scholar students of rural coastal and under develop community for taking suitable training to built up themselves to become good teacher in primary and upper primary educational system.Besides formal training under WBBPE syllabus,we have added some additional aspects of becoming good and teacher specially ideology of Swami Vivekananda.   

Awards & Recognition Received(if any )    :  NA

Eminent Alumni: Under processing

Other Important Information  :   No


This Part includes information regarding Infrastructure, Teaching and Non-Teaching staff, available instructional resources, students, Instructional management etc. which are mandatory as per the regulations.

1. Campus & Infrastructure

* Note : In case of lease, mention the name of individual or Agency from whom lease is taken and the period of lease

Sl. No. Floor Built-up area in Square Meters
1. Ground Floor 1464.029
2 First Floor 1465.559
3 Second Floor 903.08
4 Third Floor
5 Fourth Floor
Total Area 3832.668


f.ii) The Number of Male and/or Female students for whom facilities are available: 

G.(i) The information regarding the available infrastructure be provided in the following Table:


S. No. Infrastructure Whether available:


Size in Sq.ft.
a. Class Room

i)Classroom 1

Yes 1756.03
ii)Classroom 2 Yes 1756.03
b. Multipurpose Hall Yes 2517.84
c. Library-cum-Reading Room Yes 1021.12
d.  ICT Resource Center Yes 336.57
e. Curriculum Laboratory No
f. Art & Resource Center Yes 353.04
g. Health & Physical Education Resource Center Yes 191.1
h. i)Multipurpose Play field 1 Yes 34827.97
ii)Multipurpose Play field 2 Yes 11993.63
iii)Multipurpose Play field 3 Yes 5998.7


S. No. Infrastructure Whether available:


Size in Sq.ft.
a. Classroom

i)Classroom 1

Yes 1258.92
ii)Classroom 2 Yes 1258.92
iii)Classroom 3 Yes 629.46
iv)Classroom 4 Yes 720.27
b. Multipurpose Hall Yes 2517.84
c. Library-cum-Reading Room Yes 1021.12
d.  ICT Resource Center Yes 435.78
e. Curriculum Laboratory No
f. Art & Resource Center Yes 522.94
g. Health & Physical Education Resource Center Yes 191.1
h. i)Multipurpose Play-field 1 Yes 34827.97
ii)Multipurpose Play-field 2 Yes 11993.63
iii)Multipurpose Play-field 3 Yes 5998.7

G.(ii) whether following facilities are available in the Institute:

a. Principal’s Office   –    YES
b. Staff Rooms   –    YES
c. Administrative Office   –    YES
d. Visitors Room   –     YES
e. Separate Common Room for Male & Female Students.   –     YES
f. Seminar Room     –    YES
g. Canteen    –     YES
h. Separate Toilet facility for Male & female students   –     YES
i. Separate toilet facility for Staff      –     YES
j. Separate toilet facility for Differently disabled persons.    –     YES
k. Parking Space   –    YES
l. Open Space for Additional Accommodation   –     YES
m. Store Room  –      YES
n. Medical Facility    –     YES

2. Teaching & Non-Teaching Staff

No. of staff members in position at the time of commencement of the Current Session:

A.   Principal/ HOD-  02

B.   Academic Staff:

  •  Professor : – 0
  • Associate professor/Reader:- 0
  • Assistant Professors:- 24
  • Any other:- 0
  • Total Academic Staff:- 24

C. Total Administrative, Technical and professional Staff:-   

D. No. of Vacant positions as on the date of last Revision of website:

Sl. No Academic Positions No. of Vacant positions Other Staff No. of Vacant Position
i. Principal/HOD 0 Administrative Staff 0
ii. Professor 0 Technical Staff 0
iii. Associate Professor/Reader 0 Professional Staff 0
iv. Assistant Professor/Lecturer

E. Number of Academic and other Staff recruited during the Current Session :

Academic –16


F. Number of Academic and other Staff who left the Institute during the Current Session (2016-2017)

Academic :- 0

other :- 0

The List of Staff be provided in Tabular Form as Given Below:

Sl.No. Name of the Staff Father’s Name Address Category ( Gen/SC/ST/OBC/Others) Contact No./Mobil No. Qualification Percentage Experience Date of joining Date of Resign reasons of Resignation of the staff Bank A/c No. Details of salary Appointment against whom Remarks if any,
1 SANTANUBRATA SAHOO SURESH CHANDRA SAHOO VILL + P.O. – KANAIDIGHI, DIST. – PURBA MEDINIPUR OBC-B 9609508096 M.A. in English,M.Ed. 54.66 10 Yrs 16/08/2013 921010144636 25,950.00
2 SUCHISMITA HAZRA TAPAN HAZRA VILL+P.O. – KALINDI, DIST. – PURBA MEDINIPUR GEN 9933454656 M.A. Bengali,M.Ed. 52% 9 Yrs 07/06/2009 0921010019530 20,780.00
3 MINTU DUARY SUBAL CHANDRA DUARY VILL – MALIGERIA, P.O. – LAKSHIPARI, DIST. – PASCHIM MEDINIPUR. GEN 8001071314 M.A. English,B.Ed. 62∙5 5 Yrs 09/02/2010 0921010024675 20,260.00
4 MUMPY MAITY UTTAM KUMAR MAITY VILL – DHANDIGHI, P.O.- CONTAI, DIST. – PURBA MEDINIPUR. GEN 9609307544 M.A. English,M.Ed. 67.89% No 29.02.2016 0921010474092 16,830.00
5 ASIT MANDAL BIBHUTI BHUSAN MANDAL VILL – DURGAPUR, P.O. – NAMALDIHA, DIST. – PRBA MEDINIPUR. OBC-B 9933615109 M.Sc. Mathematics,B.Ed 68∙8 4 Yrs 01.07.2011 0921010084774 20,260.00
6 DEBRANJAN DAS MADHUSUDAN DAS VILL – KANAISOLE, P.O – KHELNA, DIST. – PASCHIM MEDINIPUR. OBC-B 9593802727 M.Sc. Mathematics,M.Ed. 68.60% No 29.02.2016 0921010475976 17000.00
7 ANIT BARAN MAITY LATE AMIYA KUMAR MAITY VILL +P.O. – SARADA, DIST.- PURBA MEDINIPUR – GEN 9474346924 M.Sc. Botany,B.Ed. 61% 9 Yrs 01.08.2003 0921010010557 20,780.00
8 PARAMITA GIRI SUDHANSU SEKHAR GIRI VILL – UDAKHALI, P.O. – HERIA, DIST. PIURBA MEDINIPUR. GEN 9734506039 M.A. Sociology,B.Ed. 59.37% No 29.02.2016 0921010474108 13,890.00
9 AJAY BAG TAPAN BAG VILL +P.O. – BARGODA, DIST. – PURBA MEDINIPUR. SC 8348882842 M.A. Education,B.Ed. 64.60% No 29.02.2016 0921010475983 16,830.00
10 BRATATI SAHOO BRAJAGOPAL SAHOO VILL – FARIDPUR, P.O. – DAKSHIN DAUKI, DIST. – PURBA MEDINIPUR GEN 9434369743 M.A. Geography,B.Ed. 74.25 8 Month 01.11.2014 0921010093204 18,780.00
11 SOMNATH  DAS SOMNATH DAS VILL – RUKMINIPUR, P.O. – BALIGHAI, DIST. – PURBA MEDINIPUR GEN 9933571867 M.A. History,M.Ed. 50.62% No 29.02.2016 0921010459068 20,030.00
12 SATYAJIT SAMANTA NARAYAN CH. SAMNTA VILL – DHARMADASBAR, P.O. – CONTAI, DIST. – PURBA MEDINIPUR. GEN 9775661138 M.A. Music,B.Ed, Computer 50∙5 % 7 Yrs 04.01.2008 0921010023764 20,260.00
13 PUSPENDU BIKAS MAL SUBAL CHANDRA MAL VILL – MAJILAPUR, P.O. – DAKSHIN DAUKI, DIST. – PURBA MEDINIPUR GEN 9002574094 M.P.Ed.,Physial Education 71.4 6 Yrs 15.07.2009 0921010010566 20,260.00
14 MANAS RANJAN SHEE LATE AMULYA KUMAR SHEE VILL – ATHILAGURI, P.O. – CONTAI, DIST. – PURBA M,EDINIPUR. GEN 9434104835 MFA 70.41 9 Yrs 06.11.2017 0921010010575 17,170.00
Sl.No. Name of the Staff Father’s Name Address Category ( Gen/SC/ST/OBC/Others) Contact No./Mobil No. Qualification Percentage Experience Date of joining Date of Resign reasons of Resignation of the staff Bank A/c No. Details of salary Appointment against whom Remarks if any,
17 BISHNUPADA PARIA HAREKRISHNA PARIA VILL – BARCHUNFALI, P.O. – DAKSHIN DAUKI, DIST. – PURBA MEDINIPUR. GEN 9734345112 M.A.,B.L.Sc. & B.Ed. 60.12 9 Yrs 01.08.2003 0921010010539 17,440.00 PRICIPAL
19 TARUN KUMAR KHANRA TAPAN KUMAR KHANRA VILL – FARIDPUR, P.O. – DAKSHIN DAUKI, DIST. – PURBA MEDINIPUR GEN 9732752909 Madyamik,Comp. trained 54.75% 9 Yrs 01.08.2003 0921010103765 11,740.00 PRICIPAL
Sl.No. Name of the Staff Father’s Name Address Category ( Gen/SC/ST/OBC/Others) Contact No./Mobil No. Qualification Percentage Experience Date of joining Date of Resign reasons of Resignation of the staff Bank A/c No. Details of salary Appointment against whom Remarks if any,
1 TAPAS KUMAR GAYEN TAPAN KUMAR GAYEN VILL – ISLAMPUR, P.O. -ISLAMPUR, DIST. PIURBA MEDINIPUR. GEN 7797325541 M.A. Phylosophy,B.Ed. 64.75% 6 Yrs 06.11.2017 921010552288 9,910.00
2 APARAJITA MANDAL BICHITRA MANDAL VILL- MUKUNDAPUR,P.O.-  KHALISABHANGA,DIST. – PURBA MEDINIPUR OBC-B 9593952672 M.Sc. Chemistry, B.Ed. 65.91% No 06.11.2017 921010552301 17,870.00
Details of Teaching  staff of B.Ed
Sl. No. Name of the staff Fathers’ Name Address Category



Contact No./

Mobile No.

Qualification Percentage Experience Date of Joining Date of resign Reasons of Resignation

of the staff

Bank A/c No. Details of salary Appointment

against whom

Remarks if any,
1 Dr. Sujata Pattanaik Dinabandhu Pattanaik At.-Qr.No -6

Akarpuri  Housing Colony Old Town,Ratha Road, Bhubanswar.

Gen 9437966119 M.A


55.00% 18 years 03/02/2016 No No 90200100056553 40,000/Month
2 Prasenjit Mondal Sakti pada Mondal Vill+P.O-Kalasbardh


Dist-Paschim Medinipur


SC 7602842915 M.A


60.10% 1 year 8th month 03/02/2016 No No 921010474474 16,960/Month
3 Sarmistha Maity Subhas Chandra Maity Vill+P.O-Jahanabad


Dist-Purba Medinipur


Gen 9735530360 M.Sc


62.08% 1 year 8th month 03/02/2016 No No 921010474467 16,960/Month
4 Maitreyee Nanda Nirmalendu Nanda At-Vivekananda Sarani

Word No.-1,Kasba


Dist-Purba Medinipur


Gen 9733711634 M.Sc


71.41 1 year 8th month 03/02/2016 No No 921010474450 16,960/Month
5 Nayan Kanti Bera Niranjan Bera Vill-Sinary



Dist-Purba Medinipur


Gen 9775577235 M.Sc


60% 1 year 6th month 03/02/2016 30/10/2017 Betterment

of service

1340010212748 21,600/Month
6 Aditi Jana Ashok Kumar Jana Vill-Uttar darua



Dist-Purba Medinipur


Gen 7407036494 M.A


1 year 8th month 03/02/2016 No No 921010474115 16,960/Month
7 Subhasis Shee Lt. Santosh Kumar Shee Vill-Ulipur



Dist-Purba Medinipur


Gen 9143620174 MFA


68.33% 1 year 8th month 03/02/2016 No No 921010474085 15,960/Month
8 Ananya Mahapatra Ardhendu Mahapatra Vill-Dharmadas Bar



Dist-Purba Medinipur


Gen Music 69.32% 1 year 8th month 03/01/2016 No No 921010474443 15,960/Month
Details of Non-Teaching staff of B.Ed
Sl. No. Name of the staff Fathers’ Name Address Category



Contact No./

Mobile No.

Qualification Percentage Experience Date of Joining Date of resign Reasons of Resignation

of the staff

Bank A/c No. Details of salary Appointment

against whom

Remarks if any,
1 Sachchidananda Jana Jatindranath Jana Vill-Khidirpur



Dist-Purba Medinipur


Gen 7031424662 M.Sc

(Computer Science)

74.75% 2 years 08/01/2016 No No 921010476546 7,000/Month
2 Subhendu Barman Naba Kumar Barman Vill+P.O-Bakcha

P.S- Moyna

Dist-Purba Medinipur


SC 9734816174 MLISc 68.75% 6 Month 20/06/2017 No No 921010545310 10,000/Month
3 Tapas Jana Ganendra Jana Vill-Faridpur

P.O- Dakshin Dauki

P.S- Contai

Dist- Purba Medinipur


SC 9563070595 B.A


41.62% NO 16/08/2017 No No 921010106506 4,000/Month
4 Sukumal Manna Santosh Kumar Manna Vill-Dakshin Paikbarh

P.O- Dakshin Dauki

P.S- Contai

Dist- Purba Medinipur


Gen 9933127066 B.A 34.20% 1 year 8th month 08/01/2016 No No 921010102815 6,000/Month
Details of Newly or revised appointed faculty
Sl. No. Name of the staff Fathers’ Name Address Category



Contact No./

Mobile No.

Qualification Percentage Experience Date of Joining Date of resign Reasons of Resignation

of the staff

Bank A/c No. Details of salary Appointment

against whom

Remarks if any,
1 Subhasish Maity Bhabatosh Maity Vill-Saika

P.O- Jhankgianankar


Dist-Paschim Medinipur


Gen 9641009623 M.A


68.25% 25/10/2017 921010552318 18,000/Month

3.  Students on the Rolls of the Institute

a. Date of Commencement of the Current Academic Session:-   18/07/2016

b. Last Date fixed by the affiliating body for admission:-  31/08/2016

c. Date of Last admission made in the institution:-  24/08/2016

d. Mode of selection of students, whether students are selected by the affiliating Body or By the Institution :-  Selected by the Affiliating Body

e. Whether entrance Test is conducted by The Institution /Affiliating Body/ State Govt:  No, as per academic qualification.

f. No. of students enrolled in the current academic session:-  D.El.Ed : 100   & B.Ed.: 50

g. Category wise Distribution of students :

Program Name No. of Male Students No. of Female Students No. of students enrolled in SC Category No. of students enrolled in ST Category No. of students enrolled in OBC Category No. of students enrolled in Unreserved Category Total Students
B.Ed. 13 37 12 0 1 37 50
D.El.Ed. 38 62 19 0 17 64 100

h) No. of students in each Pedagogy Subject:

Programme Name Pedagogy Subject Number of students enrolled
B.Ed. English 13
Hindi/Regional Language 11
Social Science 3
Mathematics 4
Physical Science 2
Life Science 3
Any other type(Pl.Specify)
Sanskrit 9
Education 1
D.El.Ed. English 100


i) Details of Enrolled Students: For B.Ed. ( Session : 2016 – 18 )

D.El.Ed.Ist Year Students’ List (Session 2016-2018) :

Student List 2016-18 ( Unit – I)

S.No Name of the Student Name of Mother Name of Father Aadhar Card number (if available) Gender Category Qualifying examination % of marks in the qualifying examination Pedagogy Subject-1 Pedagogy Subject-2 Remarks
1 Subhajit Mahapatra Kabita Mahapatra Dulal Kr. Mahapatra 893786241610 Male General M.Sc. 54.9 Mathematics
2 Moumita Jana Lekha Jana Sukdeb Jana 762875539760 Female General B.A. 50.83 English
3 Kakali Maity (Pal) Urmila Maity Nimai Maity 468098802864 Female General M.A. 67.7 Sanskrit
4 Mosammat Sarina Yasmin Khurseda Begam Ramjan Ali Shah Nil Female Minority B.Sc. 58.48 Physics
5 Rumpi Giri Rekha Rani Giri Gourhari Giri Nil Female General M.A. 51.3 Bengali
6 Debasish Bhunia Dolan Bhunia Barid Baran Bhunia Nil Male General B.A. 57.03 English
7 Tanusri Dalapati Chhaya Dalapati Basanta Kr. Dalapati 250740400804 Female General B.A. 56.39 History
8 Tridip Nayak Rita Nayak Madan Nayak 485783458466 Male General B.Sc. 52.45 Mathematics
9 Mallika Mishra Chinmayee Mishra Ajit Kr. Mishra 539947445908` Female General B.A. 60 English
10 Umashankar Das Jayanti Das Arabinda Das 412485646438 Male General M.A. 56.25 English
11 Soma Pradhan Arati Pradhan Susanta Pradhan 737163623832 Female General M.Sc. 59 Mathematics
12 Sumana Barui Kabita Barui Debdulal Barui 878999662267 FemLE SC B.A. 45.87 Bengali
13 Shreya Dalal Chinmayee Dalal Late Gourhari Dalal 834309914860 Female SC B.A. 50 Bengali
14 Moumita Senapati Shibani Senapati Somnath Senapati 675539538784 Female General M.A. 46.5 Bengali
15 Ananya Das Aparna Das Himangshu Sekhar Das 842835805883 Female General B.A. 50.26 English
16 Soma Giri Manasa Giri Sanjay Giri 882875599356 Female General M.A. 61 Bengali
17 Suchismita Mishra Manika Mishra Chiranjib Mishra Nil Female General M.A. 62.8 English
18 Sreyasi Mal Alokelata Mal Sitansu Sekhar Mal 494901468779 Female General B.A. 50.84 English
19 Sangita Bera Sumita Bera Srihari Bera 348059619331 Female General M.A. 82.4 Sanskrit
20 Basanti Panda Mukta Rani Panda Madhusudan Panda 411196952270 Female General M.A. 76.1 Sanskrit
21 Sangita Jana Sumita Jana Tapan Kr. Jana 339480373280 Female General B.A. 61.42 English
22 Payel aity Dolan Champa Maity Hemanta Kumar Maity 310686306172 Female General B.A. 50.65 English
23 Madhabi Patra Jayanti Patra Lare Madhsudan Patra 758615608265 Female SC M.Sc. 61.67 Physics
24 Anamika Barman Sakuntala Barman Arup Barman Nil Female SC B.A. 51.94 Bengali
25 Puspita Bar Chhabi Bar Puspak Bar Nil Female SC B.A. 50.26 English
26 Dipankar Shit Jyostna Shit Benimadhab Shit 351073648664 Male SC M.Sc. 70.92 Mathematics
27 Baisakhi Jana Sachi Rani Jana Late Jagannath Jana Nil Female General B.A. 50 Sanskrit
28 Malati Patra Late Sabitri Patra Late Madan Patra 223557451512 Female SC M.A. 46.63 Bengali
29 Prabhangsu Patra Anjali Patra Sudhangsu Patra 728089403798 Male General M.A. 79.7 Sanskrit
30 Swetashree Bera Rekha Bera Lalmohan Bera 456791739095 Male General B.Sc. 50.13 Life Science
31 Sabyachachi Singha Rekha Singha Late Smritish Singha Nil Male General M.A. 66.25 Bengali
32 Indrani Sau Jharna Sau Krishnagopal Sau 482804510763 Female General B.A. 50.97 English
33 Arup Paria Ruma Paria Ajit Kumar Paria 524333196619 Male General M.A. 54.7 Geography
34 Dipika Das Arati Das Subal Chandra Das 757743844412 Female SC B.A. 49.29 Education
35 Nabanita Mandal Srijata Mondal Late Nikhil Mandal 633833927142 Female General M.A. 51.5 Bengali
36 Madhusudan Jana Ranu Jana Amal Kumar Jana 211397720658 Male General B.A. 61.16 Bengali
37 Gouri Manna Pratima Manna Bimal Kumar Manna 921482921120 Female General B.A. 56.71 Bengali
38 Arup Kamila Sankari Kamila Parameswar Kamila Nil Male General M.A. 58.13 History
39 Sanchita Khatua Anjali Khatua Biswajit Khatua 419373842249 Female General B.A. 51.03 English `-
40 Ganesh Das Tapati Das Late Harekrishna Das 310893732644 Male SC B.Sc. 49.16 Life Science
41 Supriya Rani Pradhan Sova Rani Pradhan Sasanka Pradhan 794743864107 Female General M.Sc. 43.6 Life Science
42 Trishita Karan Joyanti Karan Krishnendu Karan 401224107186 Female General M.A. 82.8 Sanskrit
43 Sovana Bera Laxmi Bera Hiralal Bera 636723516855 Female General B.A. 53.03 English
44 Manasi Pradhan Malina Pradhan Atanka Pradhan 588249251189 Female General M.A. 78.1 Sanskrit
45 Pallabi Dash Bijali Dash Bhabesh Chandra Dash 437082241701 Female General M.A. 74.5 Sanskrit
46 Snigdha Shit Tripti Rani Shit Late Kalipada Shit 455873060015 Female SC B.A. 50.52 Bengali
47 Sutapa Hota Parijat Hota Surjendu Hota 298508156224 Female General B.A. 56.37 Sanskrit
48 Pinki Rani Giri Chhaya Rani Giri Prabhat Kr. Giri Nil Female General M.A. 70.40 Sanskrit
49 Basudeb Roy Malati Roy Sanjib Roy Nil Male SC B.A. 54.15 Bengali
50 Pulak Dalai Parul Dalai Khagendranath Dalai Nil Male SC M.A. 46 English
Roll No. Name of the Student Name of Mother Name of Father Adhar Card Number Gendar Category Qualifying Examination % of Marks
1 Shilpa Pahari Archana Pahari Ujjwal Kumar Pahari 860214063939 F Gen H.S. 79.4
2 Sampriti Nayak Sonali Nayak Manishankar Nayak 846512914491 F Gen H.S. 66.6
3 Amartya Das Namita Das Asok Das 927957348998 F Gen H.S. 65
4 Nitun Dey Iva Dey Badal Kumar Dey 499974164783 M OBC H.S. 72
5 Amit Mondal Chhayarani Mondal Sitangshu Mondal 840071842363 M SC H.S. 45.6
6 Soumyajit Maity Mousumi Maity Sujit Kr. Maity 917295850836 M OBC H.S. 58
7 Priyanka Jana Aparna Jana Subhash Chandra Jana 423417293882 F OBC H.S. 58
8 Soma Sahoo Sabita Sahoo Syamal Sahoo 759407534385 F Gen H.S. 62.8
9 Dipanjan Das Tripti Das Tapan Das 423417293882 M OBC H.S. 55.2
10 Mahuya Singha Dipali Singha Mrityunjoy Singha 759407534385 F Gen H.S. 62.8
11 Piyali Biswas Namita Biswas Pradip Kr. Biswas Nil F Gen H.S. 51
12 Bijita Das Banani Das Biswajit Das 384938511813 F Gen H.S. 62.2
13 Ishita Mondal Sarama Mondal Pradip Monda 422638586139 F OBC H.S. 74.2
14 Buddhadeb Dey Laxmi Dey Chandan Dey 357245831169 M OBC H.S. 69.4
15 Mousumi Sarangi Bandana Sarangi Satyeswar Sarangi 789743873945 F Gen H.S. 71.2
16 Sangita Bari Ambikabala Bari Jaharlal Bari 291021906983 F SC H.S. 68.4
17 Sharmistha Karmahapatra Manimala Karmahapatra Swapan Karmahapatra 683946020727 F Gen H.S. 57.4
18 Krishna Maity Tapati Maity Kamal Maity 472625620483 F Gen H.S. 67
19 Arpita MONDAL Purnima Mondal Ashok Kr. Mondal 381427966564 F Gen H.S. 68.8
20 Amitava Patra Kanaklata Patra Swadesh Patra 271982589594 M SC H.S. 52.8
21 Rekha Pradhan Janaki Pradhan Nabakumar Pradhan 976546842650 F Gen H.S. 67.6
22 Krishnagopal Pradhan Ranju Pradhan Iswar Chandra Pradhan 672373492243 M Gen H.S. 65
23 Aparna Pal Amita Pal Prankrishna Pal Nil F Gen H.S. 64.4
24 Itu Panda Amala Panda Notan Panda 314175313841 F Gen H.S. 79.4
25 Debanjan Ghorai Jhunu Rani Ghorai Swapan Kr. Ghorai 763272433744 F SC H.S. 66.2
26 Srabani Bhunia Mitali Bhunia Madanmohon Bhunia 944029429123 F Gen H.S. 61
27 Nandini Das Tapati Das Kartik Chandra Das 470259142440 F Gen H.S. 61.6
28 Sudip Das Laxmi Rani Das Bhagirath Das 733094598559 M SC H.S. 62
29 Rupa Patra Gouri Patra Dipen Patra 416696856172 F Gen H.S. 71.6
30 Sibsankar Bar Shibani Bar Chaturbhuj Bar 275698790002 M SC H.S. 68.6
31 Uma Sahoo Gita Rani Sahoo Subhasish Sahoo 857702457567 F Gen H.S. 65.8
32 Bipasha Maity Santoshi Maity Biswajit Maity 899038155368 F Gen H.S. 55
33 Susmita Sinha Beuti Sinha Ratan Sinha 790934502756 F Gen H.S. 66.8
34 Sudipta Maity Sima Maity Nirmalendu Maity 773935390216 F Gen H.S. 76.2
35 Susmit Senapati Malati Senapati Satyaranjan Senapati 288358461789 M OBC H.S. 67.2
36 Arpita Pramanik Sujata Pramanik Asit Pramanik Nil F SC H.S. 59.2
37 Sudeshna Pramanik Sankari Pramanik Asish Pramanik 622132502276 F SC H.S. 57.8
38 Mousumi Maity Gouri Rani Maity Nikhil Kumar Maity 335387962677 F Gen H.S. 68
39 Sumita Giri Alpana Giri Pulin Giri 438669942851 F Gen H.S. 73.8
40 Subarna Giri Binarani Giri Kedarnath Giri 547316544638 F Gen H.S. 64.6
41 Poulami Datta Tapasi Datta Bireswar Datta 577167797069 F OBC H.S. 60.4
42 Abirlal Mondal Krishna Mondal Puspendu Mondal Nil M SC H.S. 63.4
43 Monalisha Jana Kabita Jana Badal Kumar Jana 437284963620 F Gen H.S. 60.6
44 Joydeb Sheet Kalpana Sheet Sankar Sheet Nil M SC H.S. 66
45 Ruma Khanra Jayanti Khanra Rohini Kanta Khanra 381687677700 F Gen H.S. 59.2
46 Soumitra Das Sulekha Das Hirak Kanti Das 417078495303 M SC H.S. 54.6
47 Pranasish Maity Madhabi Maity Pravakar Maity Nil M Gen H.S. 76.6
48 Manikarnika Jana Kakali Samanta(Jana) Nityagopal Jana Nil F Gen H.S. 65.4
49 Tuna Pradhan Anjali Pradhan Lt. Subodh Pradhan 688716106450 F OBC H.S. 48.2
50 Sharmila Bhunia Nandita Bhunia Nabakumar Bhunia 919036391467 F Gen H.S. 65.6

Student List 2016-18 ( Unit – II)

Roll No. Name of the Student Name of Mother Name of Father Adhar Card Number Gendar Category Qualifing Examination % of Marks
51 Indrani Giri Sandhya Giri Sunirmal Giri 292541083531 F Gen H.S. 65
52 Chanchal Mahata Ganga Mahata Anukul Mahata 270165741112 M Gen H.S. 64.8
53 Arnab Nanda Gitali Nanda Chandan Nanda 353937534606 M Gen H.S. 63.4
54 Tapas Jana Bhanumati Jana Gyanendra Jana 758514751016 M SC H.S. 65
55 Sumana Panigrahi Seuli Panigrahi Satyabrata Panigrahi 349071812345 F Gen H.S. 61.2
56 Rajib Giri Kabita Giri Ramchandra Giri Nil M Gen H.S. 70.8
57 Sourav Dasadhikari Sandhya Dasadhikari Nitai Dasadhikari 792650009720 M Gen H.S. 60
58 Satyabrata Dasadhikari Arati Dasadhikari Satyaranjan Dasadhikari 944178211894 M Gen H.S. 61.8
59 Ranjan Pahari Bimala Pahari Swapan Pahari Nil M Gen H.S. 67.8
60 Anwesha Jana Kakali Jana Dilip Kumar Jana 241254444742 F Gen H.S. 63.6
61 Sitanath Pramanik Chanpali Pramanik Fatikchand Pramanik 295728341990 M SC H.S. 46.2
62 Dipali Das Mani Das Saktipada Das 497734104837 F Gen H.S. 68.4
63 Saber Mahammad Hazra Bibi Moktar Mahammad 953256436306 M OBC H.S. 54
64 Sk. Abdul Irsad Surmon Bibi Sk. Abdul Moksed 277521955475 M Minority H.S. 64.2
65 Pratik Maity Ranju Maity Sukumar Maity 399206445738 M OBC H.S. 47.4
66 Debika Dasadhikari Gita Dasadhikari Srinibas Dasadhikari Nil F Gen H.S. 53
67 Babita Das Jayanti Das Madangopal Das 951876833990 F Gen H.S. 74.4
68 Puja Dalai Sarada Dalai Dilip Kumar Dalai 748843620560 F SC H.S. 60.6
69 Suman Sen Runubala Sen Asok Kumar Sen 676813258887 M Gen H.S. 71
70 Sujit Khamari Gita Rani Khamari Haradhan Khamari 350581210924 M Gen H.S. 62
71 Moumita Dolai Gita Dolai Bimal Kr. Dolai 662868804469 F SC H.S. 66.4
72 Debdas Mishra Poly Mishra Tapan Mishra 565173966796 M Gen H.S. 50
73 Biplab Manna Amita Manna Subimal Manna 5442482249424 M Gen H.S. 74
74 Subhankar Dey Minati Dey Sankar Dey Nil M Gen H.S. 68.8
75 Jidanratna Giri Rinarani Giri Satyen Giri 886954559068 M Sc H.S. 70.6
76 Moumita Panda Jyotsna Panda Saktipada Panda 746017489714 F Gen H.S. 78.4
77 Rajkumar Mondal Swarnalata Mondal Bhaktipada Mondal 390518309212 M OBC H.S. 73
78 Sandip Raut Bakulbala Raut Amiya Kumar Raut 961458829591 M Gen H.S. 57.8
79 Mou Das Karuna Das Chandan Kumar Das 687593154124 F Gen H.S. 69.4
80 Swadesh Jana Chhabi Jana Swagata Jana 201338094188 M OBC H.S. 73.6
81 Anindita Sau Mitali Sau Gopal Chandra Sau 929362510612 F OBC H.S. 76.6
82 Arnab Mishra Uma Mishra Asish Mishra Nil M Gen H.S. 75.2
83 Ramita Sahoo Arati Sahoo Tapas Sahoo 91084619894 F Gen H.S. 62.6
84 Ankana Bisai Chhabirani Bisai Sukanta Bisai 464663815370 F SC H.S. 77.2
85 Sayani Patra Anita Patra Nirmal Kr. Patra 891878486828 F Gen H.S. 66.8
86 Bhaswati Jana Dipali Jana Purnendu Sekhar Jana 698825697354 F Gen H.S. 60.4
87 Pritam Mondal Gita Mondal Prakash Mondal Nil M OBC H.S. 49
88 Saheli Panda Gita Panda Santosh Panda 807944616624 F Gen H.S. 59.6
89 Moumita Dutta Jyotsna Dutta Chandan Dutta Nil F Gen H.S. 70.8
90 Debisha Dolai Laxmi Dolai Dilip Kumar Dolai 614689186455 M SC H.S. 57.2
91 Moumita Patra Minu Rani Patra Bikash Patra 927024695432 F SC H.S. 67.8
92 Bithika Patra Mitali Patra Bikas Patra 957875000125 F Gen H.S. 56.4
93 Abhijit Pradhan Sandhya Pradhan Kamal Pradhan 455686054493 M PH H.S. 74
94 Pallabi Dey Shyamali Dey Prabir Kumar Dey 965584583126 F Gen H.S. 70.2
95 Samma Sultana Aleya Bibi Sk. Ayuf Hossen 553953257072 F OBC H.S. 57
96 Priyanka Jana Santibala Jana Monoranjan Jana 931396715282 F OBC H.S. 58
97 Suchismita Kala Jhunurani Kala Suresh Chandra Kala 714291108714 F Gen H.S. 78.6
98 Aparna Sahoo Alpana Sahoo Amal Kumar Sahoo 765779088066 F Gen H.S. 73.2
99 Sandip Giri Saraswati Giri Khokan Giri 645447705100 M Gen H.S. 74.4
100 Harekrishna Dolai Subhasini Dolai Jibankrishna Dolai 471052982808 M SC H.S. 59.4

D.El.Ed. 2nd Year Students’ List (Session 2015-2017) :

Roll No. Name of the Student Name of Mother Name of Father Adhar Card Number Gendar Category Qualifing Examination % marks
01 Uma Bhattachariya Itu Bhattachariya Sibabrata Bhattachariya 757844647498 F Gen H.S. 86.4
02 Sukanya Maity Sudeshnwa Maity Amal Maity 216431072270 F Gen H.S. 84.8
03 Arnab Panigrahi Jahnabi Panigrahi Sudhangshu Panigrahi 600852280917 M Gen H.S. 81.2
04 Baisakhi Dandapat Purnima Dandapat Gurupada Dandapat 839279953079 F Gen H.S. 78.4
05 Barnali Jana Durgarani Jana Krishnaprasad Jana Nil F SC H.S. 79.4
06 Ganesh Kar Pratima Kar Durgapada Kar 931019357352 M Gen H.S. 77.8
07 Tanushree Panda Sonali Panda Pravanjan Panda 824142653966 F Gen H.S. 77.4
08 Ujjwal Tripathy Chhabi Tripathy Binoy Tripathy Nil M Gen H.S. 80.4
09 Binoy Kayal Jyotsna Kayal Badal Chandra Kayal 320215977824 M SC H.S. 81
10 Asish Pusti Sandhya Pusti Gobinda Pusti 502246554866 M OBC H.S. 79.8
11 Eshita Kuila Mani Kuila Tapan Kuila 552288385980 F Gen H.S. 76.8
12 Deshbandhu Maity Kalyani Maity Pradip Maity 768954926014 M Gen H.S. 70.4
13 Soumyajyoti Bera Kaberi Bera Ajay Kumar Bera 469814667458 M SC H.S. 68.6
14 Apurba Bera Hansi Bera Adwaita Bera 522889586264 M SC H.S. 74.2
15 Nibedita Patra Arati Patra Debdutta Patra 854873338998 F Gen H.S. 74.4
16 Subrata Mondal Sumitra Mondal Tapan Kr. Mondal 300202074753 M SC H.S. 72.8
17 Alok Barman Minkshi Barman Swapan Kr. Barman 294807760444 M SC H.S. 67.4
18 Debnath Barman Syamali Barman Makhanlal Barman 514340721852 M SC H.S. 65
19 Nibedita Giri Anima Giri Debnath Giri Nil F Gen H.S. 74.4
20 Subhamoy Mondal Sujata Mondal Manas Kr. Mondal Nil M SC H.S. 62.6
21 Khursid Alam Mallik Hasnur Abdul Rased Mallik 645203171174 M OBC H.S. 71.2
22 Dipak Mahato Balika Mahato Bholanath Mahato 947578065856 M OBC H.S. 72.2
23 Moumota Jana Sova Rani Jana Bimal Kr. Jana 576675319436 F OBC H.S. 70
24 Rahul Ghosh Shipra Ghosh Ratan Kumar Ghosh 765820643516 M Gen H.S. 74.8
25 Nmita Khanda Lt. Mantu Khanda Nil F Gen H.S. 75.4
26 Shanoli Das Kakali Das Biswaranjan Das Nil F Gen H.S. 76.8
27 Subhashree Jana Sulekha Jana Subimal Jana 241643028831 F Gen H.S. 71
28 Anushree Hati Aparna Hati Arun Hati 524056562377 F Gen H.S. 76.8
29 Suchitra Maity Dipali Maity Subhendu Maity 493781438473 F Gen H.S. 68.2
30 Somya Samanta Soma Samanta Tapan Kr. Samanta 805678182225 M Gen H.S. 72.6
31 Rama Maity Purnima Maity Rakhahari Maity 565272607437 F Gen H.S. 66.8
32 Subham Mishra Bijaya Mishra Santosh Kr. Mishra 269103691868 M Gen H.S. 67.2
33 Debajyoti Mishra Putul Mishra Dilip Mishra 329327847152 M Gen H.S. 70
34 Animesh Maity Ruma Maity Bhaktibhusan Maity 202167324648 M Gen H.S. 60.4
35 Ananya Jana Gopal Krishna Jana Nil F Gen H.S. 68.4
36 Sudipa Pahari Subhasri Mishra(Pahari) Pradip Pahari Nil F Gen H.S. 69.4
37 Anup Manna Sandhya Manna Bishnupada Manna 355492444005 M Gen H.S. 73.2
38 Ranjita Das Runa Das Haripada Das Nil F Gen H.S. 74.6
39 Anima Bera Rakhal Bera Nil F OBC H.S. 46.8
40 Mantu Dolai Ranibala Dolai Bankim Chandra Dolai 689234263073 M SC H.S. 60.2
41 Subhajit Mahara Madhabi Mahara Kartick Mahara 773305482119 M SC H.S. 70.8
42 Anindita Sahoo Susmita Sahoo Dipak Kr. Sahoo 968955012957 F OBC H.S. 66.4
43 Etu Maity Manasi Maity Subimal Maity 588778904214 F Gen H.S. 70
44 Nirmalendu Shit Durgarani Shit Rabindra Nath Shit 744561545639 M SC H.S. 63.6
45 Ranjan Kumar Shit Bharati Shit Jadab Chandra Shit 913732218821 M SC H.S. 63.8
46 Santayani Jana Tanaya Jana Sanatan Jana Nil F OBC H.S. 61.4
47 Papiya Mondal Sumitra Mondal Jagannath Mondal 596699936351 F OBC H.S. 65
48 Priyanka Giri Sankar Giri Nil F Gen H.S. 59.8
49 Sambhu Das Ambika Das Narayan Chandra Das Nil M Gen H.S. 64.8
50 Rakesh Giri Dipali Giri Haradhan Giri 596551212041 M Gen H.S. 55

4. Financial Status :

For D.El. Ed. Course

a)  Endowment Fund maintained by the TEI

1) Amount – Rs. 5,00000/-

Bank- UBI, Aladarput Branch.

FDR Number- CSP/2, 0144324

2) Amount – Rs. 200000/-

Bank- UBI, Aladarput Branch.

FDR Number- CSP/E, 0284002

b)  Reserve Fund maintained by the TEI

1) Amount-  Rs. 300000/-

Bank-UBI, Aladarput Branch.

FDR Number- CSP/2, 0144325

2) Amount-  Rs. 200000/-

Bank-UBI,Aladarput Branch.

FDR Number- CSP/E, 0284001

For B.Ed. Course

a)  Endowment Fund maintained by the TEI

Amount –  Rs. 700000/-

Bank- UBI, Aladarput Branch.

FDR Number- MTL/A, 125850

b)  Reserve Fund maintained by the TEI

1) Amount-  Rs. 500000/-

Bank-UBI, Aladarput Branch.

FDR Number- MTL/A,125851

C. Annual Fees charged from students of Different Programs and Annual Fees by the State Govt. for Different Programs:

Sl. No. Program Total Annual Fee Charged by the Institution (current Session) Fee fixed by the Central/ State /Union Territory Government (current Session)
1 D.El.Ed. 48,000.00 Rs. 48,000.00 Rs.
2 B.Ed. 40,000.00 Rs. 75,000.00 Rs.

If Fee Concession or scholarships are given to students: – YES

Details about Fees Concession:-

As per  decision of the Governing  Body of the institution, scholarships are given to all trainees of B. Ed. Section (45% over course fee filed by State Govt.). For the D. El. Ed. course scholarship will be given to poor and meritorious students (20% over course fee fixed by WBBPE)

E. Income during the previous Academic Session ( 2015 – 16 ).

Sl. No. Head/Source of Income Income in INR
1 Income from Fees 42,08,250.00
2 Grant received from State Govt. if any 25,000.00
3 Income from other sources :donation etc. 35,09,607.00
Total Income 77,42,857.00

f. Expenditure during the Previous Academic Session:

Sl. No. Head/Source of Income Expenditure  in INR
A. Capital expenditure
1.   Expenditure incurred on augmentation of Infrastructure 13,17,546.00
2   Expenditure incurred on augmentation of Instructional     Resources 5,97,496.00
B. Recurring Expenditure
3   Staff Salary 23,40,100.00
4   Interest Payments on Loans NA
5   Loan Payments 4,00,000.00
6   Miscellaneous Expenditure 12,95,768.00
C.  Transfer to Capital Account
7   Transfer to Governing Body 16,00,000.00
Total Expenditure 75,50,910.00

g. Whether Balance Sheet of the Previous Academic Session has been displayed :-   YES

5. Instructional Resources:

A. Library

a) Sitting Capacity in the Reading Room  :-  150

b) Number of Books:-  D.El.Ed  –  5225 ,  B.Ed.  –   3225

c) Number of Titles:-   D.El.Ed –   1215,   B.Ed. –   1050

d) number of Reference books like Encyclopedias, dictionaries,documents, reports etc. :-  9

e) Name of the Journals Subscribed :

S.No. Name of the Journal Number
1 Indian Journal of Teacher Education. 04
2 National Curriculum Frame Work for for Teacher Education 02
3 Annesikha 08
4 Teacher Support. 08
5 Siksha Darpan 20
6 India Today 24
7 Frontline 20
8 Desh 48
9 Science Repoter 24
10 Teacher Education 02
11 Suswastha 20
12 Paschim Banga Patrika 25

f) Number of books added during the Previous Academic Session  ( 2015 – 16 ) :   1.  Books – 901 

  2.  Titles  –    201

g)  Number of books added during the Current Academic Session  ( 2016 – 17 ) :  1.   Books – 2935

 2.  Titles  –  428

B. ICT or Educational Technology Resource Centre.

  • Number of Computer System :-    15
  • Availability of Internet Facility  :- Yes
  • Accessibility of Internet Facility to students :- Yes
  • Number of CD-ROMs :-    05
  • Adequate number of Computer System –   A
  • Hardware for Projection (LCD Projector or Digital Projector etc.) – A
  • CDs/DVDs/ROM  –  A
  • Educational Software Facilities including TV  –  A
  • DVD Player  –  A
  • Slide Projector  –  A
  • Slides  –   A
  • Films  –  A
  • Satellite ROT ( Received only Terminal )  – NA
  • SIT ( Satellite Interactive Terminal )  –  NA
  • C. Art & Craft Resource Centre : ( essential items available )

  • Mound Board
  • Board canvas
  • Cutting instrument
  • Brush, Color Box
  • Tailoring machine
  • Soft Pencil
  • Charcoal
  • Birror
  • Gum
  • Coloured chalk sticks – 1 Box
  • Crayous (polo/Doms) Gel postel – 5 Box
  • Artist water colour ( 20 ml set) – 5
  • Poster colour & fabric colour ( Golden Yellow,Ocher Yellow,Lemon
  • Yellow,Sap Green,Light Green,Veredion green,cobalt Blue,Plucian
  • Blue,Ultramarin Blue,Crimson Lake,Vermilion Hul,Ivory Black etc.)
  • Camel acrylic colour 20 ml – 2 Box
  • Acrylic Brush No 1,2,4,6,8,10 ( 3 Pisis)
  • Water colour Brush (Round) – 1,2,4,6,8,10, ( 3 Piceses)
  • Red oxide
  • Zine oxide
  • Fram Chalk
  • Mound Board – 5 pic
  • Hand Made paper – 10pic
  • Coloring Hand Made paper – 10 pic
  • Paper catting instrument – 2 set
  • Lino cotter – 5 Box
  • Bord canvas  ( 18”x24”) – 5 pic
  • Wood Egal – 1 pic
  • Material of Gardening
  • Materials of wooden craft
  • Material of Leather and Book craft.etc.

Art & Craft Resource Centre for B.Ed

1. A set of wood working Tools  –  A

2.  Raw material and Equipment for Toy Making  – A

3.  Raw material and Equipment for Doll Making  –  A

4.  Raw material and Equipment for Dress Making –  A

5.  Raw material and Equipment for Puppetry  –  A

6.  Material for preparation of Charts –  A

7.  Material for preparation of Models and other Practical Activities  –  A

8.  Stationery ( Chart paper, Mount Board, etc.)  –  A

9.  Tools like Scissors, Scales etc.  –  A

10. Cloth  –  A

ii) Goal post

iii) Corner flag

iv) Cone

v) Volley ball

vi) Shot put

vii) Discuss

Number of Resources added during the Previous Academic Session.

Indoor Game

  1. Chess   –  02
  2. Carrum  Board  –   03
  3. Chainese checker  – 04
  4. Lezzim- 50 pair
  5. Dumbbell – 50 pair
  6. Yoga mat – 8 pic
  7. Gymnastic mat – 02
  8.  Skipping  –  20
  9. Ludo   –    02
  10. First Aid  Box   –   02
  11. Weight Machine  –   01
  12. High Measurement pole  – 01

Out door Game

  1. Football – 3 pair
  2. Goal post – 1 pair
  3. Cone -20 Pair
  4. Corner flag   –   04
  5. Volley ball  -2    pair
  6.  Volley Ball  Net    –  02
  7. Pole  –   01 pair
  8. Shot put  –  16 pound –   01 pair, 08 pound-01 pair
  9. Discuss-02pair
  10. Javelian-04
  11. Bat-04
  12. Stamp set-04
  13. Ball-one box
  14. Running block-04pair
  15. Bell-04pair
  16. Hand ball-02
  17. Racket-04pair
  18. Net-01
  19. Cock-one box
  20. Kho-kho-poll-02

·         Total number of internship days in the previous academic session  40  ·         Total number of mentor teachers associated with the Internship Program 10  ·         Did the institution conduct orientation program for the students before the commencement of InternshipYES  ·         Did the Institution conduct the Planning cum consultation meeting with the Heads of Internship Schools ? YES

Details of Internship School

Sl. No.Name of the SchoolLocation (Rural/Urban)Management    ( Govt./Govt.  Aided/Private Unaided)Total no. of students in the schoolDistance from the TEINo. of student teachers deputed for Internship  1.Contai K.M. Primary School             (Rasulpur Road)UrbanGovt. Aided 1246 km. 06  2.Faridpur Primary  SchoolRuralGovt. Aided 620 04  3.Aladarput Primary SchoolRuralGovt.Aided 890.5 km. 05  4.Bichunia Primary SchoolRuralGovt. Aided 1582 km o6  5.Paschim Bamunia Primary SchoolRuralGovt.  Aided 482.5 km. 04  6.Sachindra Siksha Sadan Primary SchoolUrbanGovt. Aided 15755 km. 00  7.Rahamania Primary SchoolUrbanGovt. Aided 1975 km. 00  8.Benipur Primary SchoolRuralGovt. Aided 922 km. 04  9.Dakshin Dauki Primary SchoolRuralGovt.  Aided 771 km. 03  10.Puabalibarh Primar SchoolRuralGovt.  Aided 592 km. 04  11.Majilapur Birendra VidyapithRuralGovt. Aided 12682 km. 10  12.Chalti Nagendra VidyapithRuralGovt. Aided 11345 km. 00  13.Basantia High SchoolRuralGovt. Aided 182610 km. 00  14.Contai Rahamania High MadrasahUrbanGovt.  Aided 9526 km. 00  15.Contai Muslim Girls’High SchoolUrbanGovt.  Aided 7646 km. 00  16.Desduttabarh United High SchoolRuralGovt.  Aided 14582 km. 00  17.Kulaipadima High SchoolRuralGovt.  Aided 9627 km. 00  18.Barabantalia High SchoolRuralGovt.  Aided 15403 km. 00  19.Namal Kaliprasad VidyapithRuralGovt.  Aided 13988 km. 00  20.Pichhabani Bani Niketan High SchoolRuralGovt. Aided 94713 km. 00  21.Aladarput Upper Pry. SchoolRuralGovt.  Aided 680.5 km 04 Details of Academic Programs like Conference, Seminars, Workshops, Training programs organized, during the previous academic session :i)  Conference  : Nilii)  Seminars and Workshop  : Inclusive Education & Legal Awareness Program in collaboration with District Legal Service Authority.iii)  Training Program   :    Bratachari Training.Details of events/Celebrations organized during the previous academic session :

  • Birth day of Swami Vivekananda, Gandhijee, Rabindra Nath Tegore, Netajee Subhash Chandra Bose.
  • Teachers Day.
  • Independence  Day and Republic Day.
  • Rakhibandhan.
  • Nabinbaran.
  • Agamoni.

Governance StructureSl.No.

NameEducational QualificationProfessional OccupationDesignation

1Brajagopal SahooB.A.Jr..B.TRtd. TeacherChairman2Santanubrata SahooM.A. M.Ed.PrincipalMember Secretary3Goutam Kumar SasmalM.A. B.Ed.TeacherCorrespondent4Asit Baran PradhanM.A. B.EdTeacherManagerNo. of meetings of the Management held during the previous academic session6Has institution established a Grievance Redressal Mechanism?YesGrievance Redressal Mechanism DetailsEstablished a Grievance cell consisting 5 membersHas institution established Anti Ragging Mechanism?YesAnti Ragging Mechanism DetailsEstablished a Anti Ragging Committee consisting 5 membersHas the Institution constituted the Quality Assurance Cell?YesMention if any other structure has been created to enhance effectiveness of the Institution?Established a Alumni Association has been created to enhance effectiveness of the InstitutionDeclarationI have carefully read all requirements of these modules ( General Information, Infrastructure, staff Details, Students Details, Instructional Resources ,Finance, Academic Management, and Declaration by competent Authority ) as per public Notice issued by NCTE, New Delhi dated 9th June,2016.As authorized person, I certify that the information provided in the all modules are correct to the best of my knowledge and belief.We authorize the Quality council of India (QCI) to utilize the information provided in the modules for ensuring transparency in public domain, research, training and other purpose as decided by NCTE,New Delhi based on its mandate as per NCTE Act,1993.I also confirm that after submission of information, My Institution when QCI will give URL/Link of published report, I shall make URL of published report embedded in my existing website of Institution.In the case of any discrepancies or non-conformity, My Institution shall abide by suggestion/action given or taken by NCTE.I have no objection getting submitted information verified during accreditation of program being offered in the institution by authorized accreditation Agencies by NCTE,New Delhi.My Institution is aware about annual process of e-monitoring of website as per public Notice issued by NCTE,New Delhi dated 9th June,2016.SignatureSantanubrata SahooName ( authorized signatory)SANTANUBRATA SAHOODesignationPRINCIPALOrganizationVIVEKANANDA PRIMARY TEACHERS’TRAINING INSTITUTEDate28.10.2016